The Watford Weekly Business is a business network of independent businesses and charities meeting on a regular basis with the aim of developing their network of contacts.

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We believe that business networking is an integral part of today’s business mix, we also believe that the experience, whilst built around a proven professional format, should also fit with the personal expectations of today’s lifestyle.

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What Value do I get from the Watford Weekly Business Group?

A Testimonial by Michael J W Morgan
Being a member of the Watford Weekly Business gives me easy access to local businesses, but more than that.

It gives me access to a group of people who run their own business, people that I know and trust and who have become firm friends. Whether it be simple advice on the best way to get a stain out of a carpet, to someone building a web site, to running a marketing campaign or curing one’s phobia of anything (be it spiders or emetophobia etc.) it is simply a matter of asking a friend.

It is more than that as well. The members of Watford Weekly Business form a part of my own business. Let me explain.

When one of my client’s needs someone to undertake their Portable Appliance Testing, I can recommend someone that I know and trust and I know will not let me down or overcharge. If you want a cleaner, business advice, to get a book published or help in running a BBQ for one hundred people on a Saturday, I have become the go-to-guy as I know someone who will be able to help you, and they come with a personal recommendation.

All this helps my clients and therefore, helps my business to succeed.

I also use their services for myself and my business. My website has been completely rebuilt and relaunched and I am now selling training courses all over the country without having to do anything. I have had help with my Marketing, sorting out some electrical problems, a new boiler installed and help with keeping me on track.

I cannot recommend the family of Watford Weekly Business highly enough and I attend as many meetings as I can (generally two a week). As an added bonus, I can enjoy the excellent full English Breakfast (serve yourself as well) whilst in the company of friends and learning more about their businesses, their requirements and their desires.

Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner