Debi King at Natural Home Cleaning Service

Debi King has been excellent at providing a cleaning service to our home, with her own handmade products making our floors as shiny and squeaky clean as they have ever been. Friendly and knowledgeable service.

Philip Sherman Booster Cushion Theatre September 2, 2015

Debi King, Natural Home Clean

Thank you Debbie for carrying out a great cleaning service at short notice for me on some of my own projects. You were very reliable and fairly priced. I will certainly be using you again and recommending you.

Adam Forrestal Capital Renovatotions October 15, 2014

Tania Clarke, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Training and Coaching

Thank you John for setting up a domain and a temporary holding page for my website also using key words and locations to attract searches.

Adam Forrestal Capital Renovatotions October 15, 2014

Ben Guest, Ben Guest Services

Thanks to Ben Guest for sorting out the major plumbing problems for one of my clients.

Ian Tottman SA Law October 15, 2014

Sarah Titmus @ DGS

Sarah has been working with us to help sort my own personal and business's pensions. We have found her to be very thorough, direct and easy to work with. She was able to take onboard all the diverse aspects of our business's financial pasts and put us on track, not only to be compliant with the government's new conditions but also with good products that are showing a healthy return and are easy to manage. I would heartily recommend Sarah to anyone.

Philip Sherman June 15, 2016

Jeremy Silverstone Purple Marketing

Thanks Jeremy for such a fun and informative morning at Friday Biz today. Will be looking at my green and red fabrics with completely different eyes from now on. So if anyone out there needs help with their marketing you can't go wrong with Jeremy from Purple Marketing.

Marion Matthews Dragonfly Quilting October 3, 2014

Ian Howarth, Nixuss Computer Repairs

Thank you Ian for helping with various computer troubles including fixing my laptop and installing software for me. You have provided a great service on all occasions that I have come to you. Also collecting faulty equipment from my home and delivering it to me upon completion.

Adam Forrestal Capital Renovatotions October 2, 2014

Watford Weekly Business

I would just like to say how brilliant the Watford Weekly Business meetings are. They are held on Wednesday and Friday morning between 6.45am to 9am. You get to meet a really friendly group of people, who are always thinking how we can help each other out both in a professional on personal level. The full English breakfast is delicious and you always hear very useful information in the Educational Slot. Each week we take turns in showcasing our individual business over the course of ten minutes and although quite daunting at first, everyone makes you feel very much at ease and are always encouraging, asking questions about your business. Attending the morning meeting really does set me up for the day and I would thoroughly recommend Watford Weekly Business to every small business owner.

Liz Stoker AVSCO Car Sales April 12, 2016

MJT Catering

Matthew I would like to say a big thank you for all your support. The work you give me is invaluable and enables me to continue with my endeavor.

David Sawyer Superb Chauffeurs January 9, 2017

Jeremy Silverstone, Purple Marketing

Dear Jeremy
I asked Jeremy to undertake some work for my web site, which I had tried without success to make interesting. Jeremy undertook the work with gusto and provided me with thought provoking copy that quite frankly was innovative in its design and outlook.
Jeremy took what many see as a boring and tedious topic and with some out of the box thinking was able to produce a fresh looking and interesting product which has born clear and quantifiable results ever since.
Would I use Jeremy again? The answer is simply yes and I would recommend that you consider using him for your next project whatever the size of your company.
Best regards

Michael J W Morgan Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner April 20, 2017

Gordon Smithard

Dear Gordon, I would like to thank you for the signs that you have placed on my car. This will enable me to get companies more exposure as I drive around. I would also like to thank you for entrusting me with your transport requirements.

David Sawyer Superb Chauffeurs January 9, 2017

Gareth Weavers

Dear Gareth
I have to put it on record how happy we are at your prompt and professional service and for helping us out of a “jam” so to speak.
A while back Karin and I awoke early in the morning to find that we had no hot water at all and, that the Combi Boiler we have had ceased to function, in other words it was dead!
My immediate thought was to call you, but was sure that we would have to wait for several days, as I know you have a heavy work load, and I so advised Karin. I called you and your phone went to voice mail, so I left a message. A couple of hours later you came back to me and I explained our problem and you agreed that you would be with us by 16:00hrs that day. At the appointed time you arrived and quickly diagnosed that the mother board was indeed “dead”. You made several calls and contacted the manufacturer of the boiler as well as a supplier of “Boiler Parts”.
By 19:00hrs you had not only sourced the parts that we needed but had performed minor miracles which enabled us to have a functioning boiler once again. You did explain that we needed additional work to ensure that the boiler etc. would continue to function perfectly and we arranged for another visit by yourself to complete the works.
The upshot is that we now have a fully functioning boiler, heating and hot water system that is working better that when it was initially installed. A very big thank you!
In conclusion I have no hesitation is recommending you and your company to anyone who finds themselves in a pickle with the central heating / boiler and are worried about their future comfort, and both Karin and I thank you for all your hard work.
Best regards

Michael J W Morgan Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner April 20, 2017

Debie King @ Natural Home Clean

I have found Debi's cleaning to be cheery and bright, especially as she uses wonderful waxes that she has used from her own bees. Not only leaving the space sparkling, but smelling super fresh. She is most reliable, energetic and effecient. We heartily recommend Debi to anyone that needs cleaning done, whether big or small.

Philip Sherman June 15, 2016

Nish Thenuwara, The Web Design Company

Nish is a lovely man to work with; kind and generous.

I moved my website to him about a year ago and I've been very happy with the service. He made it very easy and responded quickly when some of the pictures weren't showing correctly. He updated all the software and made sure everything's working properly and he's now keeping an eye on things to make sure it stays up in the ranking.

I am really happy with the service. Excellent ! Thanks Nish

Tania Clarke Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer Watford April 20, 2017

Nish at The Web Design Company

Thank you to Nish at The Web Design Company for providing me with an excellent website, lots of helpful hints and tips for how to keep it at the top of search engines and for always being available to sort out any problems website wise that we have had at BCT. I would fully recommend his company to anyone looking for a professional, findable website.

My website was in dire need of an update and Nish's work was absolutely what I was looking for. He gave the whole website a revamp, to my specifications and brief, making it accessible for my customers as well as modern and relevant. He has been very helpful for updates for the website as well as explaining the 'back-end' to me and showing how I can make changes to. I think it has been incredibly useful for my business and helped to encourage further customers to get in touch.

Philip Sherman Booster Cushion Theatre September 2, 2015

Steve Simmons, Automaster GB

Thank you to Steve and his team at automasters GB who have carried out work on 3 separate vehicles for myself and my partner now. I know little of mechanics so it is good to know that I can trust Steve to be completely honest on top of working fast and efficiently and going the extra mile. When I have been stuck Steve has come to collect my vehicle and had a delivered back to my door the same day with the problem solved. A great service.
I know I do not have to worry when I have a problem with my vehicle now.

Adam Forrestal Capital Renovatotions October 15, 2014

Ian Howarth, Nixuss Computer Repairs

Thank’s very much to Ian and Dave of Nixuss Computer Repair Centre for their help with our office printer saga.

Our Epson inkjet printer had given us four or five years of good service, but eventually presented us with a message that the ink overflow tray needed to be cleaned – could no longer get it to print. We contacted Nixuss who said that it sounded like bad news, but could we please drop the printer off to them so that they could check whether their suspicions were correct. Ian & Dave confirmed that the cost of a new ink overflow tray was more than the machine was more worth.

We now have an HP inkjet printer. Nixuss came to the rescue again. We could print directly from a USB cable, we needed to be able to print via the network, so that all the computers could connect to the printer. Ian came over and sorted out the problem.

Nixuss have been flexible, sensible and calm in their approach, we’re very happy to recommend them.

John Williamson Peter Magnus Design October 15, 2014

Matthew Bashford-Hayes, MJT Catering

Dear Matthew
Matthew (MJT Catering) is a superb Chef and provides not only incredibly attractive and tasty food at a reasonable price, but also provides a friendly and helpful service.
Be it a wonderful full English breakfast, a simple lunch, an evening buffet or a family Bar-B-Q, nothing fazes him and the food is always ready on time, on budget and on target.
A definite recommendation whatever your need.

Best regards

Michael J W Morgan Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner April 20, 2017

Tania Clarke

Dear Tania
Tania is innovative in her thinking and provides sensible solutions to your problems through her clear thinking in a concise way.
Always the Professional, Tania is consistently cheerful in her outlook and is able to provide alternative and simple approaches to your resolving your difficulties in a helpful and manageable way.
It is always a pleasure and a delight to work with her and I can only recommend her most highly.

Best regards

Michael J W Morgan Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner April 20, 2017

James Polhill, JPR Electrical

We passed your details on to our neighbours, who were looking for an electrician.

I am writing to say that they have told us that they were very happy with your services.

They were impressed by your fast response to their enquiry, that you carried out the work quickly and efficiently and also let us know that your costs were very competitive, particularly when compared with the price they’d already been quoted.

Based on their experience, we’ll certainly pass on your details to anyone else who is looking for an electrician.

Edna Williamson Blue Orange Images October 2, 2014